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misc guitar riffs lyrics, drum tabs, bass tabs, guitar chords and guitar tablature.

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#one Of My Bands Songs#melodic Punk#
#one Of My Bands Songs#punk Rock#
#wierd Thing#
"a Minor" Pentatonic Blues Riff
6 Tricks
9/8 Song
A Cool Riff I Wrote
A Cool Song I Made Up Very Easy
A Couple Cool Surfdog Riffs
A Few Cool Guitar Riffs
A Few Cool Riffs
A Little Riff I Wrote
A Little Thingy I Wrote
A Little Weird Song
A Mexican Hat Dance
A Nice Little Guitar Trick
A Nice Little Riff
A Nice Song
A Nifty Little Riff
A Song By Me
A Song From Cky
Accoustic Blues Riff Warmup
Accoustic Blues Scale
Acoustic Riff
Acoustic Song Awesomezach
Adams Song Piano On Guitar
Advanced - 1 Hell
Advanced - Advance - Hard Tapping
Advanced - Awesome Easy Riff/fill
Advanced - Classical Metal
Advanced - Good Fingerpicking Song
Advanced - Love In Istanbul
Advanced - The First Noel
Advanced - This Is Extreme
Age Of Empires Theme
Al Little Fun Song Riff
All In All
Alton Towers Riff
Alton Towers Theme
Amazin Rock Riff
Amazing Grace
Amped Demo
Angel Theme Tune
Anon - Sea Of Clams nice Classic Song

Anorexic Model Dreams
Another Beginner Riff
Another Strenght To Practice
Anoying Tune
Awesome Thing That Is Cool
Bad Blues
Basic Rock Riff
Bass Line For Guitar
Become A Speed Merchant
Beginner - 0 My Metal Riff Thing
Beginner - 007 Theme
Beginner - 1 Acceptable Sad Song
Beginner - 1 Hell Of A Riff
Beginner - 1 Melody
Beginner - 1 Random/emo Type Riff
Beginner - 2 Really Simple Metal Riffs I´ve M
Beginner - 60s Blues Rock
Beginner - A Beginning
Beginner - A Cool Song From My Band
Beginner - A Familiar Tune
Beginner - A Good Lick
Beginner - A Great Acoustic Riff
Beginner - A Hardcore Song You Can Use
Beginner - A La Mode
Beginner - A Little Blues
Beginner - A Little Chinese Tune
Beginner - A Little Metal Thing I Wrote
Beginner - A Nice Lil Tune
Beginner - A Random Ska Riff
Beginner - A Riff From The Video Game The Sim
Beginner - A Whole New World
Beginner - Abc Channel Jingle
Beginner - Acoustic Riff
Beginner - Acoustic Stuff
Beginner - Age Of Empires 2 Theme
Beginner - All The Guitar Chords
Beginner - Alt Pentatonic Blues Riff
Beginner - America
Beginner - An Awesome Acoustic Song
Beginner - an Awesome Little Scale Thing
Beginner - Another Cool Metal Thing
Beginner - Arabia Riff

You can learn the tricks and techniques used by the classic bluesmen!

You can learn the tricks and techniques used by the classic bluesmen!

Are you ready to take your playing to the next level? Want to discover the real blues? Need to enhance your fingerpicking techniques? You'd like to play like the old masters? (Artists covered: Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, Blind Boy Fuller, Blind Blake, Floyd Council, Scrapper Blackwell)

"Jim Bruce adds new dimensions to those beautiful old blues and rag songs and makes lessons easily accessable as downloads, with chords, tabs and easy to understand video and instruction from the master himself."

Click here see how you can learn to play blues and ragtime guitar from working bluesman Jim Bruce.

Lyrics, drum tab, bass tab, guitar chord and guitar tablature for musicians and music lovers.
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